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20.12.13, one comment

I’m done hanging the exhibition now, and I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. 19 photographs in total!
Only thing left now is to print a poster with information about the photographs I’ve chosen and present myself and my work tomorrow evening at the official opening. Kind of terrified, but I guess I’ll survive. Hopefully.
Are you in town? Come and say hi, it would make me happyyyy!

Tomorrow at 20:00pm
Café Lindvedske Hus, 
Nedre Tyholmsvei 7b,
4836 Arendal

Also, remember to vote for me these last few days of the Vixen Blog Awards-voting, that would make me even happier. Or at least as happy!
Skjermbilde 2013-12-20 kl. 15.06.19

Click on this screenshot above, find my picture and click “Stem” underneath it. You can, as before, vote once every twelve hour, so keep voting for me. The voting closes at the 31st of Decemberrrr.


19.12.13, comment

IMG__147 IMG__151 IMG__153_2 IMG__143

Hanging my exhibition tomorrow. Loads of stuff left to do. Wonder if I get everything done in time.
If you’re in the area, come to Café Lindvedske and check it out. Saturday at 20:00pm.

the distance between

13.12.13, 8 comments






nadine gough /styling
joakim heltne /photo & retouch
eivind a. hansen /photo & retouch
lillie russo /makeup
charlie & kelya @PRM/models

Here is the rest of the editorial I shot together with Eivind a couple of weeks ago. I’ve shot half (five) of these photographs, and retouched six of them, Eivind has shot and retouched the rest.
There are a few more photographs in the series, but these are the ones I’ve decided to show in my edit of the editorial, Eivind might publish some others on his blog so you could go there and check out his edit as well.


5.12.13, 3 comments


This is the first picture from the editorial i shot together with Eivind last week. The rest is coming when we finish them all.

Models: Kelya and Charlie /PRM model agency
Styling: Nadine Gough
Makeup: Lillie Russo


2.12.13, 2 comments



During the last two days, I’ve been looking through my archive to find some pictures I never got around to finish. I’ve had a lot of shoots the last year or so where I’ve forgotten to complete all the pictures I took, so I decided to edit a few more from my selections.
What do you guys think?

Models are Vigdis Bonvik from Heartbreak model management (the first two) and Johanne Aurebekk (last)