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behind the scenes

21.02.14, comment







Some shots I took in-between the shootings today.
Had a wonderful shoot together with Louise, Lillie, Eivind and the models Mattias and Zuzanna from PRM

Will publish the entire shoot later, just need to post-process all of it first.

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16.02.14, 4 comments

Had a quick testshoot with Sam the other day.
Have got one or two more to show you, just need to find the time to get them done. Have so much to do at uni nowadays, and my mac is hating me more than ever, so working with photoshop hasn’t exactly been amusing lately.

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name of the week

1.02.14, one comment


This week, two different newspapers back in Norway wrote articles about me, the exhibition I have back in my hometown, and the fact that I won in Vixen Blog Awards. I really appreciate it, it’s really nice getting some recognition for the work I do and especially to be named “Name of the week” in one of the newspapers! Thank you so much, guys!

The article in the picture above is just in paper-version as far as I know, however Agderposten also did a double spread on me which is also available online (In norwegian though, so google translate it if you’re not from norway but would want to read it.)

Also, a couple of days ago I had two small test shoots with Eivind and this guy from Barcelona called Rome. Will post pictures as soon as they’re done. Might take a while though since my mac is so terribly slow nowadays and also I’ve got loads of work to do at uni. I’ll post it eventually though. Haa.

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