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1.02.14, Én kommentar


This week, two different newspapers back in Norway wrote articles about me, the exhibition I have back in my hometown, and the fact that I won in Vixen Blog Awards. I really appreciate it, it’s really nice getting some recognition for the work I do and especially to be named “Name of the week” in one of the newspapers! Thank you so much, guys!

The article in the picture above is just in paper-version as far as I know, however Agderposten also did a double spread on me which is also available online (In norwegian though, so google translate it if you’re not from norway but would want to read it.)

Also, a couple of days ago I had two small test shoots with Eivind and this guy from Barcelona called Rome. Will post pictures as soon as they’re done. Might take a while though since my mac is so terribly slow nowadays and also I’ve got loads of work to do at uni. I’ll post it eventually though. Haa.

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