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19.03.14, Én kommentar


Architecture, portraits, black & white, minimalism, behind the scenes, everyday moments I find beautiful, work in progress, clouds… This is mostly what my Instagram account consists of.

I haven’t got much time to update my blog nowadays, however I keep my Instagram updated, and I like to think of it as sort of a mini-blog, seeing as I try to keep a certain level of quality on the images I upload.
If you want to follow me, click the link in the menu on the left side of my blog, go to, click on the grid above or the link below.

I’ve been working on a lot of fun projects lately, however I can’t publish them on the blog yet, but they’ll be up eventually!

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  1. Milla says:

    Spanande, glede meg te å se koss prosjektet ser ut 😉

    / Hihi, takktakk Joakim *klemifleng*

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