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17.10.14, comment

model: matt @PRM agency

i’m back in uni now, which means i’m basically busy 24/7. we’re shooting fashion films this term, which i’ve never done before, so thats going to be scary, but also a lot of fun. have an idea already, just need to find a brand to work with for it.
i’m still working on a lot of pictures i’ve shot during the last few weeks (one of them i’ve photographed with my iphone above) so i have a lot of new stuff coming up soon. make sure to check back every once in a while for updates!


7.10.14, comment

model: yan @PRM

first colour photograph from me in a while. this is from a testshoot I had with cool, ginger new face Yan from PRM model agency.
this was his very first shoot, actually, and he’s a natural, definitely. more to come, so make sure to check back soon.


5.10.14, comment


model: holland @PRM

did a testshoot with holland from PRM agency about a week ago, here are a few of the shots we got.
more to come.


3.10.14, one comment














All pictures by me

Ok, so it’s time for a little update here. Haven’t posted anything since mid june.. A lot has happened since the last time I wrote anything here.
I’m back in London after being in Norway all summer, and next week I’ll start my second year in uni. Over the summer I felt really uninspired, both for photography and blogging, which is the main reason for the lack of updates. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been busy moving into a new flat, which has been stressful, but also exciting. I feel like things are starting to fall into place now, and today we finally got internet too, which makes it much easier to post stuff more often.

I’ve been shooting quite a lot since I came back to London, so hopefully I’ll have a lot of stuff to share with you soon. Make sure to keep updated!


18.06.14, comment

Above you see the main reason why I haven’t blogged in ages.
This last term before summer has been totally crazy for me, I’ve had so much work to do, but I got it all done in the end. We’ve been making fanzines this term, and my result is in the picture above. I made three small, separate fanzines that focused mainly on fashion, minimalism, shapes and architecture, and made a small, white box for them all to make it one finished product.
I’m quite pleased with how they turned out, however I’m planning on working further to make a bigger collection of fanzines with the same themes, but different content.

I’ve finally started my summer holiday now, so I’m probably have a lot more time for photography and blog these next few months so stay tuned!